KARMA PROPERTIES helps you through the process of buying or selling a property with MARAL GESTION’S services.
Combining the two businesses we provide all the necessary services you need.

Maral Gestion has more than 10 years’ experience, offering its clients all types of services such as: Transfering from the previous owner’s name to your name the electricity, water, telephone and rubbish bills, checks with the local council on the urbanistic situation of the property, applications for NIE number’s (Spanish Identification number), Energy Efficiency Certificates, we deal with the land registry, notary, the deeds etc, determine the ‘Plusvalia’ (value added tax) and IBI (Property Tax), as well as all the necessary services involved in the buying or selling process.

MARAL GESTION will protect your interests by making sure that the property is currently registered and there are no debts attached to the property. They ascertain what property taxes (IBI) and outstanding bills are due.
These include community fees, water, gas, electric, telephone and alarm bills. They also determine the value added tax (Plusvalia) due at the time of the closing.

Once the Deeds have been signed, they will put the services in your name and setup a direct debit to your Spanish bank account to prevent payment problems.
MARAL GESTION keep our clients informed of all the changes, e-mailing you a copy of each document, this way, when you have completed the sale, we will have made both parties happy and content to be able to have new and old friends who will always be welcome at our office.